Check and pay car fines
We have a solution for you and it’s fine! Actually, it’s BFine!
BFine — monitor and pay your driving fines with ease
Have you ever found yourself exhausted trying to figure out whether you have any pending driving fines?
Do complicated payment procedures make you frustrated?
Are you constantly paying overdue fines simply because you didn’t get a parking ticket notification by mail?
We have a solution for you and it’s fine. Actually, it’s BFine!
You're gonna love it!
BFine — the go-to app for any driver looking to simplify the process of searching for, paying and monitoring any past, current or future fines.
You receive a notification with full information on the violation.
Through the application, pay at any time of the day or night with your card.
Automatically fill in vehicle details.
Add an unlimited number of vehicles and track information for each.
Helps employees stay healthy while keeping their financial goals intact.
Pay always with a discount
Be in control
Get notified immediately
Register your vehicle and get all the information you need about any possible pending fines. BFine automatically connects to your local police department database and notifies you of any fines you may have, including speeding and parking tickets, red light or stop sign violations or any other fines.
For the user's convenience, BFine can send notifications of new driving fines not only via push notifications but also via email.All information in one place.
All information in one place
BFine allows you to see where, when and for which violation the fine was issued in one simple click. Additionally, the app shows the amount and date of issuance of each fine, as well as its payment deadline.
How it works
To check the fines of the traffic police, indicate the driver's license or license plate of the car - nothing else is required!
Specify license plate and STS
Find all fines
Pay with 50% discount
Check the traffic police fine by car number or driver — in 15 seconds.
So we can request data on your fines from government agencies.
From the base of the traffic police, GIS GMP and the bailiff service (FSSP).
The discount is valid for the first 20 days after the fine is issued.
Payment of fines in app
With BFine, drivers will no longer need to fill out any payment receipts for the fine online or at the bank. You can now pay a fine in full or partially in just a few clicks directly in the BFine app. You can also add multiple bank accounts to your BFine profile and use different cards to pay your fines. Additionally, your entire fine payment history will also be available for download and review in the app.

The user also has the option to delete any and all personal data from the app completely at any time.
The convenient features of BFine make it a must-have app for any driver. BFine’s notification system will save you time and energy from having to search for pending fines through your local police department’s website or waiting for a ticket to come in the mail. Additionally, the app’s convenient payment system makes paper receipts and searching for payment details a thing of the past.
Simple payment system
Notifications of new fines in detail
“You will not be able to miss the grace period and are guaranteed to pay at a discount.”
BFine makes your life easier.
Just try it!
The Easy Way to Pay the Fine
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